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Speedway Archives

New Zealand Speedway Times

These photos come from a pictorial album printed 1954.

Photos seem to be from 1951-53.  Comments are as they were written at the time.


  Animation of the 5 photos below  






  Jack Chignell falling onto Val Morton, while Ken Sharples manages to squeeze past on the inside   Val Morton slides down safely as Jack Chignell has managed to keep hold of his bike with one hand  

  Val Morton is still in command of his machine, sliding safely, and Jack Chignell's leg can be seen as he is thrown nearer to the fence. The fourth rider has caught up and come into the picture Val Morton's machine has slewed round and he has lost control, while Jack Chignell rolls towards the fence.Note Chignell's glove in the air near his bike and his air filter falling at the right of the picture
  Morton's bike has swung completely round and he rolls over as Jack Chignell bounces to the fence. No damage was done except to Chignell's machine

More to come

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