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Speedway Archives

New Zealand Speedway Times

These photos come from a pictorial album printed 1954.

Photos seem to be from 1951-53.  Comments are as they were written at the time.

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Little Billy Philp, popular mascot of the Canterbury team, walks proudly back to the pits after doing his usual round of the track. His nightly song and recitation to the patrons at Aranui was always much enjoyed. Wimbledon scored a narrow victory 55-53 over a New Zealand side composed of First, Second and Third Division riders in September 1951. Resting in the pits are Ronnie Moore, who scored a brilliant 18 points maximum, Ron Johnston and Bruce Abernethy. Norman Parker and Brian McKeown



Ronnie Moore (Wimbledon and Australia) looks out at the track from the pits at Wembley during the running of the World Championship in 1952. Jack Hart, of Palmerston North, in the pits at Taita Johnny Hunt, manager at Palmerston North.
Dent Oliver The Pahautanui "Speedway", on the mudflats near Wellington, where many local riders enjoy speedway racing in the winter sunshine. (L to R) George Christopherson, Ron Marshall, John Lawrie and Eric Cheown. Happy smiles from Ronnie Moore and his team-mate Ron Johnston as they keep themselves up to date with "the Speedway Times."
Alf Clarksen Ronnie Moore with the rocket assisted bike on which he gave a hair-raising exhibition at Aranui Stadium, Christchurch. In the pits at Tahuna during the running of a NZ Championship. (L to R) Geoff Leith, Aston Quin, Kevin Bock, Bluey Langtry and Alf Clarksen.
Champion in a new role. Ron Johnston and his team-mate Ronnie Moore enjoying themselves at Ron's 21st Birthday Party in Dunedin. 21st Birthday Party. The Johnston Family together. (L to R) Tom Johnston, Dad, sister Laura, Ron, Mum, sister Betty and (front) Barry. Ron Johnston smiles as he cuts the cake on the occasion of his 21st Birthday.

Versatile Elly Baker, who was a popular rider for Dunedin last season. He has tried his hand at football, boxing, wrestling and speedway, and our latest news is that he is riding with a new "Wall-of-Death" act in England.   Alec Pratt, ex-Christchurch promoter, has a last-minute chat with Norman Parker as he leaves the pits for a heat in a league match.   Peter Dykes diving unde Bruce Semmens, of Ashfield, during an event in the Scottish Cup.

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