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from the first 50 years of speedway

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The I first wrote my website to have somewhere, where all the achievements and memorabilia of my father, Bob Andrews, could be found and put in some sort of order for his grandchildren to read and look at when they ask me "What did Grandad do when he was young?". Because I know they wouldn't have believed me when I told them.

Little did I know what I have got myself into. I now have cupboards full of programmes, cuttings, photos, books and magazines, as well as emails from people all over the world. Researching all this has stirred my memories and more to the point my dad's.

It then seemed hard to leave out items on his team mates, idols, rivals and other events in speedway's history. So I've now decided on this website, dedicated to the first fifty years of speedway, which is now regarded as the vintage years.

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