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New Zealand Speedway Times

These photos come from a pictorial album printed 1954.

Photos seem to be from 1951-53.  Comments are as they were written at the time.

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Trevor Redmond Kevin Bock, a consistent performer for the Wellington team The Hawke's Bay team, l to r, Julie Benson, Peter Clarke, Maury Dunn, Bill Lownsborough, Len Wylie.



 Ron Johnston Frank Boyle Peter Dykes
Ronnie Moore (Wimbledon) and Jack Young (West Ham) fight out one of the heats in the final of a Match race Championship held at New Cross.Young won 2-1 Ronnie Moore seems to be telling the tale to Split Waterman and Bob Oakley, with Bruce Abernethy and Eric Chitty interested listners. Fully absorbed in their own affairs are Aub Lawson and Dennis Gray. A scenne in the pits at New Cross when Lawson won the London Riders' Championship. Canterbury (NZ) and Cardiff star Mick Holland
Bruce Abernethy, colourful Wellington rider who always createed interest, Ron Johnston leading Ronnie Moore during a match between Belle Vue and Wimbledon. But the next time around saw Ronnie in the lead.
Maury Dunn (centre) leading Split Waterman (outside) and Eric Williams (inside) in a match against Wembley. Jack Hart in England with Don Hardy (Captain of Exeter) and Bill Dutton (Exeter promoter). Ronnie Moore grins happily at a quip by Bruce Abernerthy. These popular NZ stars are resting in the pits at New Cross during the running of the London Riders' Championship in 1951.

One of speedway's most interesting personalities, Gil Craven.   Ray New having a look at his blown up motor after an event at Western Springs last season(1953)   Close up of Ray New motor (photo from George Mudgway collection)

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